About Us

TerraHydroChem, an environmental products company, applies innovative chemistry to solve difficult and costly industrial challenges, primarily through onsite cleaning, treatment and/or recycling of hazardous waste and wastewater.

Using world-changing proprietary technologies, our products are formulated to reach previously unattainable levels of performance while reducing costs, speeding up workflow and improving the environmental integrity of the entire operation.

Rather than relocating the problem elsewhere, we work with end clients or their service providers to efficiently clean up spills or contamination on location. TerraHydroChem’s products are applied to waste streams at the work site, converting hazardous substances into site-reusable, organic byproducts that significantly exceed the environmental standards required by state and federal regulations.

Moreover, the integration of TerraHydroChem’s cleaning and recycling solutions into day-to-day hazardous waste management programs help position our customers on the leading edge of bio-responsible stewardship and corporate social responsibility.