AST’s (above ground storage tanks)

Saving Costs and the Environment

Large, land-based storage tanks are repositories not only for invaluable oil and oil-based products that fuel our economy, but once drained also retain unwanted accumulations of petroleum sludge, residue and baked-on asphaltenes, posing a hazardous and costly clean-up task for tank operators.  Traditional cleaning methods require the use of petroleum products, diesel and/or caustic chemicals as well as worker entry into the tanks for high-pressure spraying and oftentimes manual scrubbing of surfaces.  With a much safer cleaning regimen, TerraHydroChem’s non-toxic, fully biodegradable products convert tank sludge into a liquid, allowing it to flow to the bottom of the structure so that personnel can easily pump out the oil and other fluids.  We accomplish this through a simple, highly effective two-step process that applies our proprietary products, first our solvent followed by our super-concentrated nanoscale-formulated finishing rinse.  Not only does our cleaning technique typically takes less than half the time but dramatically reduces labor, equipment and overall costs of the job.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TS-100, TS-200, TC-1200TS-PERF, TCA-SCI