Enhanced recovery

Reducing the Impact

Long-chain paraffins and asphaltenic compounds can clog well bores and damage the formation, which in turn impact an operator’s production and profits.  Our products are formulated to permanently liquefy treated paraffin and asphaltenic organic deposits.  In doing so, we remove and prevent these elements from restricting the flow of oil through the formation and well bore.  After initial treatment, subsequent maintenance applications can ensure the long-term benefit of the initial treatment.  Operators have used our products by recirculating our chemistry in the well to clean the tubing, pump and perforations or by actually dispensing the chemistry into the formation.  Operators have reported production enhancements of multiples of current levels, enabling a very quick ROI.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TC-1200

Applicable TerraHydroChem Case Study: Pipe Corrosion TC ADH Case Study