Frac Tanks

Reducing the Impact

Frac tanks used in drilling operations can contain various forms of solid waste, sludge and wastewater contaminated with various levels of hydrocarbons, chlorides and hazardous elements.  Traditional convention in the oilfield has been to drain and transport the frac tank contents to disposal facilities, often at great distances, liability and cost.

Using TerraHydroChem products, our recycling process liquefies sludge and pumps frac tank wastewater into an external processor where fluids are separated; solids are processed to nearly non-detect levels and reused onsite; oil is recovered; and water is recycled into reusable, chloride-free Ag quality water.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TS-100TC-1200TC-WBS

Applicable TerraHydroChem Case Study: 145 Frac Tanks Case Study