Frac Water

Better Water, Better Yield

Frac water produced in drilling operations can contain various forms of solid waste contaminated with chlorides and other equally toxic materials.  Convention in the oilfield has been to drain frac tank fluids and transport it by truck to disposal facilities, often at great distances, liability and cost.  Using TerraHydroChem products, our recycling process pumps frac water into an external processor where fluids are separated; solids are process to nearly non-detect levels, leaving organic matter that can be repurposed as onsite groundcover; oil is captured for sale; and water is recycled into reusable, chloride-free Ag water.  Given the power and effectiveness of our green, biodegradable products used in our water and solid waste recycling systems, TerraHydroChem believes the ongoing and routine practice of transporting frac tank content to off-site disposal facilities to be antiquated, environmentally unsound and an unnecessary hazard on several levels.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TC-1200, TerrOX