In-Situ Remediation

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques.

At times, massive surface spills or the long-term underground seepage of hydrocarbon products contaminate a property’s subsurface where soil extraction under buildings or highways is impractical and, therefore, must be treated “in situ” or in place.  TerraHydroChem has had noteworthy success treating hydrocarbons and organochlorides in soil and sand contaminated by accidental spills or releases, with minimal disruption to commercial activities on the surface.  Additionally, our proprietary products used in the remediation process, formulated with plant-based derivatives and food-grade liquids, meet or exceed the toughest regulatory and environmental standards.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TS-100TC-1200, TC-1200ZVI, TC-1200nZVI