Oil Spills (Land/Water)

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques.

Time is of the essence after a spill occurs, particularly in aquatic environments.  With proper equipment and processes, TerraHydroChem provides effective, eco-friendly products that can quickly and safely dissipate or capture oil-based material spilled in water and eradicate hydrocarbons and related toxins released or affecting onshore environments.

TerraHydroChem’s proprietary products are ideal for all types of petrochemical spills.  We only blend environmentally friendly solutions designed to separate and capture crude oil from contaminated water or soil occurring from accidental spills or releases that have occurred over time.  We formulate our green products with plant-based derivatives and food grade liquids, resulting in cleansers that are non-caustic, fully biodegradable and not harmful to fish, fowl or other species of wildlife.

Applicable TerraHydroChem Products: TS-100TC-1200, TC-1200ZVI, TC-WBSTM-1000