Restoring the Natural Balance

Many industries involved in manufacturing, beverage and food industries, slaughterhouses face challenging issues with their water discharge. Such agricultural wastewater commonly also results from pig farms, chicken farms, shrimp farms, and dairy farms. The contaminants of agricultural wastewater can include high organic content, high solids nitrogen compounds such as nitrates, phosphorus compounds, antibiotics, hormones, and copper. Such wastewater is believed to contribute to a higher mortality rate for the animals and is also often accompanied by noxious odors. Traditional methodologies often cannot fully address all the challenges involved in recycling the discharged water. Companies often find themselves facing fines from regulatory agencies that are financially punitive.

THC addresses these issues with a combination of proprietary chemistries, equipment and process methodologies that are simple to apply, environmentally friendly, and cost effective.

Applicable TerryHydroChem products: TM-1000, TerrOX, TM-AQUA

Applicable TerryHydroChem Case Study: UST Case Study