All-natural Agricultural Products
to Improve Crop Production and Soil Health

Restoring the Natural Balance

The TerraHydroChem agriculture products are all-natural and non-petroleum-based. They are aggregating numerous industry-changing proprietary technologies into a single formula that improves soil health while enhancing plant root growth and nutrient absorption. These technologies result in a double-digit percentage increase in yields, faster germination, and decreased fertilizer.

Our water treatment products eradicate nitrates and other harmful chemicals from ponds and site runoff. This promotes renewable systems and agricultural acreage compatible with neighboring unfarmed environments.

Close up of agricultural green field

Restoring the Natural Balance

Agricultural discharge ponds can be negatively affected by various factors caused by livestock waste. This, in addition to the organic waste, can also include harmful antibiotics and hormones, which are very difficult to neutralize and can end up being reintroduced into the clean water stock.

Additionally, runoff pesticides, fertilizers, and other persistent organic pollutants can dramatically impact water retention ponds. These elements mutate into toxic derivatives characterized by complex chloride chains that are very difficult to eradicate with traditional cleaning methodologies.

TNC addresses these issues with a combination of proprietary chemistries, equipment, and process methodologies that are simple to apply, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.

Restoring the Natural Balance

In many manufacturing, beverage, and food industries, slaughterhouses face challenging issues with their water discharge. Agricultural wastewater also results from pig, chicken, shrimp, and dairy farms. The contaminants of agricultural wastewater can include high organic content, high solids, nitrogen compounds such as nitrates, phosphorus compounds, antibiotics, hormones, and copper.

Wastewater Contribution

Such wastewater is believed to contribute to a higher mortality rate for the animals and is often accompanied by noxious odors. Traditional methodologies often cannot fully address the challenges in recycling the discharged water. Companies often face fines from fFOM regulatory agencies that are financially punitive.

Restoring the Natural Balance

A byproduct of a water treatment system that fails to clean its water discharge adequately can include offensive odors related to organic waste. Commercial poultry and livestock operations often face this challenge and will even try to mask the odor rather than fully address the cause of the offensive odors. THC attacks the underlying contaminated water to prevent odor problems from initially developing.

Restoring the Natural Balance

TerraHydroChem has developed a revolutionary adjunct product designed to enhance existing nutrient programs at a nominal cost significantly. Constituted from natural ingredients, our soil enhancer incorporates leading-edge technology into a single formula. It improves the health of the soil, enhances root growth and nutrient absorption and significantly increases the cationic exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil, and will:

  • Improve Plant Health

  • Improve Water and Nutrient Uptake

  • Naturally, Enhance Resistance to Insects and Disease

  • Improve Plant Resistance to Cold

  • Increase Brix

  • Reduce NPK Requirements

  • Extend Growing Seasons

  • Produce Better Tasting Fruits and Vegetables

  • Bring Produce Earlier to Market

  • Improve Shelf Life

  • Breakdown Volatile Organochloride Compounds (VOCs)

  • Organic and 100% Biodegradable

  • Completely Environmentally Safe

  • Non-carcinogenic, Non-fuming, Non-toxic, Non-caustic

  • Requires No Special Handling or Protective Equipment