FULCRUM Improves Crop Yields by more than $100 per acre (net)

The Best in Soil Nutrient Enhancement

FULCRUM is a revolutionary, organic-based product that improves crop yields, soil health, and reduces agriculture runoff.

FULCRUM rapidly breaks down the nutrients present in the soil to make them readily available to the seeds and growing plants.  FULCRUM increases the effectiveness of organic and non-organic fertilizers. 

FULCRUM improves the health of the natural bacteria by adding natural probiotics.  The soil permeability is vastly improved, increasing the aeration zone for the roots.  Earthworms and beneficial organisms thrive in the the FULCRUM soil.

FULCRUM increases the water transport through the roots, improving nutrient uptake and creating a more drought-resistant plant.  The rapid early growth of FULCRUM crops ensure that the roots are better established and break through the harder soils to have more water uptake capacity.

Close up of agricultural green field

Restoring the Natural Balance

TerraHydroChem has developed a revolutionary adjunct product designed to enhance existing nutrient programs at a nominal cost significantly. Constituted from natural ingredients, our soil enhancer incorporates leading-edge technology into a single formula. It improves the health of the soil, enhances root growth and nutrient absorption and significantly increases the cationic exchange capacity (CEC) of the soil, and will:

  • Improve Plant Health

  • Improve Water and Nutrient Uptake

  • Naturally, Enhance Resistance to Insects and Disease

  • Improve Plant Resistance to Cold

  • Increase Brix

  • Reduce NPK Requirements

  • Extend Growing Seasons

  • Produce Better Tasting Fruits and Vegetables

  • Bring Produce Earlier to Market

  • Improve Shelf Life

  • Breakdown Volatile Organochloride Compounds (VOCs)

  • Organic and 100% Biodegradable

  • Completely Environmentally Safe

  • Non-carcinogenic, Non-fuming, Non-toxic, Non-caustic

  • Requires No Special Handling or Protective Equipment