Rapid Reduction of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

A Better Way to Leave No Trace

THC solutions destroy crude oil spills in soil, sand, and water in a fraction of the time and completely with no residue.

One of our unique attributes for soil eradication is cleaning sand in minutes with minimal product and water and instantly discharging the clean saint. The TerraCleanse is a TerraHydroChem environmental process that completely removes the hydrocarbons and organochlorides from sand or soil, which can be returned to the beach or land staging areas rather than to landfills.

Two-step Green-cleaning

With a simple, two-step green-cleaning process, we deliver cost-saving performance far superior to conventional cleaners commonly used in today's oilfield operations. Our customers have experienced labor cost savings exceeding 60%, dramatically improving their ROI on our products and positively impacting their bottom line.

Our product formulations are comprised of natural (non-petroleum based) derivatives and food-grade materials, resulting in cleansers that are non-caustic, fully biodegradable, and much safer for company personnel to use.

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques

When contaminated soil extraction is practical and economical, ex-situ remediation or treating degraded soils in a lined, above-ground collection area may be the more practical option depending on the contaminants. In some situations, ex-situ techniques can be faster, easier to control, and treat a broader range of contaminants and soil types than in situ techniques.

Regardless of the remediation process chosen, TerraHydroChem’s biodegradable, environmentally friendly products formulated with proprietary technology eradicate contaminants quickly, effectively, and at a lower cost than competitive products.

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques

At times, massive surface spills or the long-term underground seepage of hydrocarbon products contaminate a property’s subsurface where soil extraction under buildings or highways is impractical and, therefore, must be treated “in-situ” or in place.

TerraHydroChem has successfully treated hydrocarbons and organochlorides in soil and sand contaminated by accidental spills or releases, with minimal disruption to commercial activities on the surface. Additionally, our proprietary products used in the remediation process, formulated with natural derivatives and food-grade liquids, meet or exceed the most challenging regulatory and environmental standards.

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques

Time is of the essence after a spill occurs, particularly in aquatic environments. With proper equipment and processes, TerraHydroChem provides effective, eco-friendly products that can quickly and safely dissipate or capture oil-based material spilled in water and eradicate hydrocarbons and related toxins released or affecting onshore environments.

Resisting Petrochemical Spills

TerraHydroChem’s proprietary products are ideal for all types of petrochemical spills. We only blend environmentally friendly solutions designed to separate and capture crude oil from contaminated water or soil from accidental spills or releases that have occurred over time. We formulate our green products with plant-based derivatives and food-grade liquids, resulting in cleansers that are non-caustic, fully biodegradable, and not harmful to fish, fowl, or other species of wildlife.

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques

TerraHydroChem has successfully removed hydrocarbon products from beach sand after oil spills, including subsurface contamination from compromised storage tanks.

Contaminated soil can be treated onsite and avoid expensive collection and transportation of contaminated soil. All products developed and manufactured by TerraHydroChem have been tested by a team of scientists and meet or exceed the environmental standards set by TCEQ, TRRC, FDEP, and CFR 21.

Unique Proprietary Chemistry Powers

Unique proprietary chemistry powers TerraHydroChem products, enabling them to clean hydrocarbon-contaminated sand and soil. Unlike other remediation methodologies, our cleaning process eradicates the hydrocarbons and organochlorides, often to non-detect levels, allowing the treated sand or soil to be left intact in the previously contaminated area versus transport to costly landfills.

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques

Using TerraHydroChem’s naturally-based (non-petroleum-based) product formulations and our proprietary process methodology, we offer a patented solution for cleaning the water that could be contaminated with various hydrocarbons or toxins. Our solution enables the reduction in wastewater of:

  • TSS (Total Suspended Solids)

  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

  • The Precipitation of Heavy Metals

  • The Degrading of Volatile Organo-chlorides (VOCs)

  • Water-soluble Organics and Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHCs)

Current fluid disposal methods can be costly due to transportation, and these fluids are often simply pumped into a disposal well, where they are permanently deleted from the ecological system.

Additionally, current treatment methods are often limited due to costs and capacity constraints.

Without a Trace – Oil Spills No Match for Green Remediation Techniques

Industry sources have estimated that 40 existing hard rock mines will generate 17 to 27 billion gallons of polluted mine discharge water (e.g., gold, copper, uranium mines) in the US annually, in perpetuity.

Water treatment for these mines will cost as much as $67 billion annually. Mining companies are under increasing pressure to address their mine discharge water, much of which remains untreated and held in reservoirs or deactivated mines.

Contaminating Ground & Surface Water

Large amounts of water from mine drainage, mine cooling, aqueous extraction, and other mining processes increase the potential for chemicals contaminating ground and surface water.

The mining industry faces multiple challenges for water recycling, including:

  • Cyanide

  • Sodium chloride

  • Ammonia

  • Nitrogen

  • Arsenic

  • Sulfuric Acid

  • Mercury

  • Phosphorus

  • Heavy Metals

  • Sulfides

  • Sulfates

  • VOC’s

  • Oxidation

THC has recently developed a patented multistep continuous flow process for neutralizing and isolating these contaminants enabling mine operators to recycle their mine water to discharge standards.