2-1/2 gallon jug.

$30/acre.  Each 2-1/2 jug is applied to 40 acres.

All-natural soil enhancement product.

Dilute in water at time of application (approx 500:1 – 1000:1).

Can be mixed with starter at planting and at side-dress.  Use on crops 2 or 3 times/season.


Liquid Organic Soil Enhancement.  Safe to use and apply for row-crops, gardens, and nurseries.

Makes fertilizer more efficient by quickly releasing nutrients from the fertilizers and organic material in the soils to the seed.  The seed sees the nutrients and programs itself to grow faster, making more robust plants with stronger roots more resistant to drought and disease.

Improves the soil biosphere through natural enhancement of bacteria.  Improves the soil permeability (including clays and timber soils).

Improves corn yields by 10-30%.  320 bushels/acre corn (vs. 260 control) in Mediapolis Iowa (4th Place NCGA).    200-240 bu/ac (vs. 160 control) in “bad” soils.

Improves soy yields by 10-25%.  80 bushels/acre soybean (vs. 65 control).

Improves silage and green-plant (spinach, bok-choy, cabbage) yields by 50-80%wt with no loss of quality.

Excellent for root crops (onions, potatoes, peanuts).

Reduces turf-farm losses by 90% due to better root structure.

Improves sports field durability and golf course health.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 15 × 10 in