Innovative Breakthroughs to Industrial Challenges

Saving Costs and the Environment

Our TerraHydroChem industrial products offer innovative breakthroughs to industrial challenges that were once thought to be unsolvable. When conducting operations near protected ecosystems, our plant-based, biodegradable properties alleviate many issues that environmentally hazardous competitors cause.

We enable operators to eliminate the need for time-consuming and costly transport of waste and wastewater to distant disposal facilities.


Saving Costs and the Environment

Storage tanks (fixed and transport) are repositories for invaluable oil and oil-based products that fuel our economy. Still, once drained, they also retain unwanted accumulations of petroleum sludge, residue, baked-on asphaltenes, and other hydrocarbons, posing a hazardous and costly clean-up task for tank operators.

Traditional cleaning methods require petroleum products, diesel and caustic chemicals, worker entry into the tanks for high-pressure spraying, and often manual jackhammering or scrubbing surfaces.

Non-toxic Products

TerraHydroChem’s non-toxic, fully biodegradable products convert tank sludge and solid bottoms into a flowing liquid, so that personnel can quickly and safely pump out the oil and other fluids.

We accomplish this through a simple, highly effective two-step process that applies our proprietary products. First, our solvent gets the heavy sludge, asphalt, and other solids flowing, followed by our super-concentrated proprietary finishing rinse to eliminate LELs for entry quickly. Note that the finishing rinse alone can be used in “white oil” tanks for rapid access and inspection by removing the LELs in the tank faster than any other product in the market.

Tank Cleaning Values

TerraHydroChem’s tank cleaning adds significant value by:
a) Vastly improving safety by reducing or eliminating the need for manual entry to clean the tank.
b) Significantly reducing the time required to clean the tank (fewer manpower hours).
c) Greatly reducing the time the tank is out of service, improving operations’ supply chain options.
d) Reducing hazardous waste (tank bottoms contain valuable hydrocarbons that can be reprocessed when flowing, avoiding landfill costs).

Saving Costs and the Environment

Crude oil and other liquid products pipelines in service over an extended period, particularly those transporting high-viscosity fluids like heavy crude, accumulate hydrocarbon buildup on their inner walls and can be very difficult to clean. In situations where deposits are caked on, pipeline operators often find it challenging to remove aggregated products using conventional cleaning methods such as diesel fuel or other industrial cleaning products.

Using TerraHydroChem’s “1-2 Punch” cleaning process, operators can return their pipelines to service in half the time and at half the cost of less effective systems. Additionally, our products are fully compatible with other cleaning apparatus.

Saving Costs and the Environment

The cleaning power produced by TerraHydroChem’s two-step application is ideally suited for a broad range of industrial cleaning applications. Using our proprietary biodegradable solvent as a pre-soak followed by our final cleaning solution brings the most straightforward and most effective green-cleansing process to the industrial marketplace, surpassing the capability of conventional, competitive, or caustic products.

Our products are formulated to desorb and liberate the oil molecules from any surface through a temporary emulsion, enabling the oil's complete release, separation, and recapture.

Better Water, Better Yield

Using its plant-based product formulations, TerraHydroChem offers its technological innovation and nanoscale-based chemistry to treat industrial wastewater. We have designed an onsite treatment system to eliminate toxins, convert solids into organic material, and recycle fluids into Ag-quality water.

Saving Costs and the Environment

Boilers and heat exchangers often incur the buildup of hard scale that, over time, can diminish their performance and eventually lead to the need for replacement. THC enables operators to clean hard water scale deposits such as calcium, iron, iron oxides (rust), magnesium, and manganese salts that can build up over time.

Cleaning Applications

THC’s products harness the power of a series of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids and potentiate them in a stable yet highly effective medium. These acids are some of the smallest organic molecules with both acid and alcohol functionality, allowing for a potent, very low corrosive cleaning formula.

Other cleaning applications include:

  • Dairy and Food Equipment

  • Masonry Surfaces

  • Concrete Cleaners and Removers

  • Metal Surfaces

  • Industrial Water Systems

  • Water Wells